The EU-Turkey relationship: Is cooperation still possible?


Paper abstract: UE-Turkey relations have now reached a critical turning point where a long-term partnership is more needed than ever, in the light of the unprecedented refugee crisis, the worsening of the Syrian conflict and the terrorist threat having permeated the European borders. This necessity for a renewed dialogue is not freed from questions as the Europeans worries about the Islamist conservative party – AKP – dangerously gearing toward authoritarianism while Ankara is pursuing an ambivalent or twofold foreign policy in the Middle East. Thus, this study intents to investigate whether Europe can still consider Turkey as a trusting partner in order to move toward membership or as unworthy actor whose geostrategic and nationalist interests are too disconnected from the European sphere.

This essay is part of a study cluster conducted by several CIPADH's reseachers which will soon be printed in a coming review titled "Perspectives from the CIPADH".