Our missions


Who we are

Created in autumn 2014 in Geneva, Cipadh (International Center for Peace and Human Rights) is a non-profit organization. Thanks to the diversity of its contributors, partners and external collaborators, Cipadh offers a comprehensive reading as well as a diversified and extensive analysis of issues related to Human rights. Academics, researchers, journalists, experts of the diplomatic community and international civil servants, inform and raise awareness on Human rights. 

Our vision

Promote peace and defend Human rights, through information and training, by employing educational, cultural and scientific tools.

Our objectives

In the context of International Geneva, Cipadh is an organisation that favours dialogue, exchange of information and links with actors operating in the field of Human rights. In this framework, Cipadh's team aims to popularize knowledge so that it is accessible to all.

Our means of action

In the spirit of knowledge-sharing, the Centre regularly organises training cycles, conferences, seminaries and colloquia, roundtables and various educational events, suitable for all audiences that are directly or indirectly interested in Human rights issues or in the promotion of peace.  

As well, news releases and summaries detailing debates happening at the United Nations Human Rights Council, commentaries, essays and research papers covering a large range of subjects are regularly posted on our website in order to inform, with an external and expert eye, on Human rights news around the world. So as to attract a broad and varied public attention on the respect of human rights, Cipadh is also active on social media.

Our financing

The Cipadh ia a non-governmental, non-profit, neutral and non-confessional organization. It is independent and autonomous in its management and in its funding. The Cipadh is financed through private and public grants and foundations with similar goals .

The Cipadh has the authority to perform, on request, consultations and studies for private and institutional partners in so far as they fall within its mandate. Members of the General Assembly can also contribute to the funding. Finally, the Cipadh organizes paying workshops and training sessions for lawyers, media, diplomats and civil society members.