Amnesty International is an NGO which gathers 7 million people around the world, defending human rights and respect of the Universal declaration of human rights. This organisation acts on the behalf of victims of violations of these rights, basing its action on impartial research and international law.
Financed by its members and donators, Amnesty is independent of any political ideology, economical interest and religious belief.


City of International Solidarity is an association based in Annemasse, aimed at facilitating the development of actors of international solidarity, such as international organizations, NGOs, foundations, local associations, service providers and project partners.


The Geneva press club – Geneva press club’s mission is to welcome and help journalists that travel to Geneva and to foster exchanges between the Swiss and international economic, politic, cultural and scientific spheres on one hand, and the Swiss and international press located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and neighbouring France, on the other hand (art. 2, Statuses)


The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, with a special consultative status at the UN. The PEC was founded in June 2004 by a group of journalists from several countries. Its objective is to strengthen the legal protection and the safety of journalists in conflict zones and civil unrests or in dangerous missions.


The UNHCR is a UN program that aims to protect refugees, by ensuring the application of the Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951, that refugees have the right to seek asylum and that no refugee is compelled to return to a country where he or she has to fear persecution.
UNHCR works to spread international agreements for refugees and their respect by governments. The organization also provides a material assistance to refugees in many countries, especially water, shelter and medical care.


WFUNA is an international non-profit organization that represents and coordinates a staff of more than a hundred United Nations Associations (UNA). Its mission is to strengthen and improve the United Nations through the involvement of persons sharing a common global perspective and supporting the international cooperation of citizens of the world. The vision of the organization is to have a "UN that is an effective force to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the global community."