Press review – The world in brief, 8 December 2016


The victory of “No DAPL”The Washington Post commented on the Obama administration’s announcement that it is denying an easement needed to build the Dakota Access Pipeline: it was positively accepted by the protesters. The American newspaper particularly stressed the fact that this decision does not amount to a cure of “global oil addiction or right generations of harm to tribal groups.” The British The Telegraph also reported a statement made by Rep. Kevin Cramer, a Republican and North Dakota's member in the House of Representatives, who claimed: "Today's unfortunate decision sends a very chilling signal to others who want to build infrastructure in this country." Finally, the Swiss Le Temps reported that the decision represents a victory for ecologists and indigenous people. The Sioux tribe of Standing Rock thanked President Obama and highlighted the importance of this decision for their community.


European political instability - For what concerns the French Presidential elections, the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera remarked that François Hollande’s decision not to run for a second term was a gesture of political responsibility but also the proof of the failure of Hollande’s political project. On the other hand, Le Monde commented the result of the Italian Constitutional referendum pointing out that Italy is now waiting for a new Government to be established by Sergio Mattarella. Portugal’s Diário de Noticias published an article highlighting the current climate of instability that is spreading in Europe (particularly in the Netherlands), dangerously following the example of the American elections. It’s the Spanish newspaper El Pais that also noted that the nationalism wave in Europe is leading to dangerous consequences. For instance, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed to fully prohibit the use of the burqa, along the same lines as their Dutch neighbours.


Political crisis in South KoreaSemana, a weekly magazine dealing with politics and current affairs, published an article on the scandal regarding the South Korean President Park Geun-hye. The article highlighted the controversial abuse of power that the first female President of Korea has allegedly benefitted of. Moreover, Semana pointed out that the President explicitly asked Parliament to dismiss her. The Guardian also reported that Park said that “she would accept the result of the impeachment vote, but would leave it to the constitutional court to decide if the vote was valid.”


MR - Research Assistant at CIPADH