CIPADH's staff

Academics, researchers, journalists, experts of the diplomatic community and international civil servants compose the Cipadh staff. They inform and raise awareness on Human rights.

The team is currently composed of:

Sonia Rodríguez

Project Coordinator

After having completed her academic cursus in international relations and politics, Sonia Rodríguez is now specialized mainly on issues regarding the environment, climate refugees and economic migration. Sonia has worked as a radio journalist for two years. However, she’s now turned her attention to the field of work she prefers to explore, namely research. Particularly passionate about Latin America and women’s rights, Sonia would like to engage with these topics within the scope of her work.

Félix Luginbühl

Research Assistant

After obtaining a Bachelor in Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology from the University of Neuchâtel, Félix Luginbühl continued his multidisciplinary education pursuing a Master in Sociology and a Master in European Studies at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva. Currently, he's interested in exploring human rights from a sociological and political perspective. 

Olivia Zehnder

External consultant

Olivia Zehnder holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in European Studies from the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva. She specialized in issues related to Maghreb and the Middle East, global security as well as international and humanitarian law. Her thesis focused on the theme of migration in the Mediterranean Post-Arab Spring.

Céline Krebs

External consultant

Céline Krebs holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva and a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She specialized in sustainable development and is knowledgeable about issues surrounding global cooperation. 

Jean-Baptiste Allegrini

External consultant

Jean-Baptiste Allegrini holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations and a Master of arts in European Studies from the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva. Passionate about security and migratory issues and the governance of divided societies, he successfully completed a Master of sciences in Security Studies at the University College London (UCL). Benefiting from an international experience at the Belgian Embassies in Senegal and Tunisia, he specialises in academic research focused on conflicts and societies of the Middle-East and Sub-Saharan Africa and the Euro-Mediterranean politics.

Léa Guinet

External consultant

Léa Guinet holds a Bachelor in Sciences in Politics and Economics and she is currently finishing her last year of Master in Politics and Practices of International Organisations at Sciences Po Grenoble. She has a strong interest in human rights and environemntal issues, as well as gender studies which she intends to further investigate in her Master thesis.

Sophie Grobet

External consultant

Sophie Grobet holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Lausanne. She is currently completing her Master in International law, and writing her Masther thesis in relation with human rights and terrorism. She is specializing in the international protection of human rights while keeping a judicial scope in her work.