The Human Rights Council's 30th session starts today


The Council will be divided into three weeks and the highlights of the Council will include the following: during the first week, the Council will mainly focus on interactive dialogues with the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery on Monday 14 September, which will then be followed by a discussion with the Working Group on enforced disappearances on Tuesday 15 September. On the same day, the Council will also have the annual discussion on the integration of gender perspective.

Quand le photojournalisme rejoint le camp de la paix


Le photojournalisme est né avec la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Cette photo réalisée par Robert Capa de ce soldat au bord de l’eau qui lutte pour s’accrocher à la plage en est peut-être l’acte de naissance. Prise sur le vif, sous le feu de l’ennemi, elle dit une vérité que mille mots ne sauraient exprimer. Elle traduit toute l’horreur de la plage d’Omaha le 6 juin 1944 au matin.

Conference on Women, Peace and Security: Creating Security For All


First of all, it is important to look back at Resolution 1325, which was at the heart of the conference. The idea of this resolution came after the realization that armed conflicts do not have the same impact on women and men. It is important to create a stable environment and in order to do so, we need to involve every single member of the civil society.


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