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UN Human Rights Council Universal 22nd Periodic Review: Libya under scrutiny


The UPR, which held its first meeting in April 2008, aims to examine human rights records of all 193 UN member States. Currently, all States have been reviewed during the first UPR cycle and 126 are beeing reviewed for the second time. This exercice is meant to assess human rights developments in the countries since their first review. States are also encouraged to explain what steps they have taken to comply with recommendations elaborated during their first review.

JUVET MICHEL: " Quels liens entre les investissements et les droits de l’homme?"


Investir et penser simultanément aux droits de l’homme peut sembler irréconciliable. D’une part, le processus d’information qui nourrit toute décision d’investissement ne comprend pas des données fiables, et transparentes sur le respect des droits de l’homme dans tel pays ou telle entreprise.


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