Bangladesh: a widening gap between secularism and Islam as a religion of state


An historical and political back and forth between secularism and Islam as a religion of state
When Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in 1971, the notion of secularism was widely acknowledged as being a founding principle of the nation. It was one of the four principles written in the first Constitution of 1972, the other ones being Democracy, Nationalism and Socialism.

Bangladesh: child marriage remains a major issue


In Bangladesh, there still remains an incredibly high rate of child marriage. According to UNICEF, the country has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world, after Niger, the Central African Republic and Chad. 29 percent of girls get married by the age of 15 and 65 percent at age 18, an age when they should be graduating from high school. Unfortunately these terrible numbers don’t stop there, with even 2 percent of girls married at age 11.

Le microcrédit : un outil hybride


En 2006, l’économiste bengali Muhammad Yunus reçoit le prix Nobel de la paix en tant que concepteur du microcrédit et fondateur de la banque de microcrédit "Grameen Bank" qu'il a créée en 1976.

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