Interreligious communication, Freedom of Religion and Peacebuilding in Cyprus


*The Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church from Greek Cyprus, Porfyrios of Neapolis, open the discussion of this panel highlighting the ongoing process of dialogue between religious leaders in Cyprus. Under the auspices of the Swedish embassy in Cyprus, the main religious leaders of the island, beyond the borders have started meeting one another since 2009 and have created a prolific interreligious dialogue favouring the peace process.

Heirs to the Ottoman Empire. Failing to cut the Gordian knot, is dialogue the way?


History is movement. Sometimes it gets carried away and begins to look like a tumultuous river. It sweeps its path without giving us the possibility to resist, compromises what is, to make room for what is becoming.

Héritiers de l’Empire ottoman. A défaut de trancher le nœud gordien, la voie du dialogue? Par Jean Freymond


L’histoire est mouvement. Parfois elle s’emballe et prend des allures de torrent tumultueux. Elle balaye sur son passage sans qu’on puisse y résister, met à mal ce qui est, pour laisser place à ce qui devient.

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