Freedom of religion

Bangladesh: a widening gap between secularism and Islam as a religion of state


An historical and political back and forth between secularism and Islam as a religion of state
When Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in 1971, the notion of secularism was widely acknowledged as being a founding principle of the nation. It was one of the four principles written in the first Constitution of 1972, the other ones being Democracy, Nationalism and Socialism.

Interreligious communication, Freedom of Religion and Peacebuilding in Cyprus


*The Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church from Greek Cyprus, Porfyrios of Neapolis, open the discussion of this panel highlighting the ongoing process of dialogue between religious leaders in Cyprus. Under the auspices of the Swedish embassy in Cyprus, the main religious leaders of the island, beyond the borders have started meeting one another since 2009 and have created a prolific interreligious dialogue favouring the peace process.

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