2015 Martin Ennals Award


The ceremony began with Yves Flückiger, rector of the University of Geneva, a partner of the Martin Ennals Award, reminding the audience that Geneva has long been a city of international organizations, a city that has a role in propagating peace and democratic values, and in that scope, in actively defending human rights.

Prix Martin Ennals 2015


C’est Yves Flückiger, recteur de l’Université de Genève, partenaire du Prix Martin Ennals, qui a débuté la cérémonie, rappelant que Genève est depuis longtemps, une ville d’organisations internationales, une ville qui se doit donc de propager des valeurs de paix et de démocratie, et de défendre activement les droits humains.

Stand up for freedom of expression on the place des Nations


Four chairs and three bronze figures are standing there, in the middle of the place des Nations. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, standing on a chair, overlooking the crowd. Beside them a fourth chair has voluntarily been left empty to incite bystanders to climb up themselves. The chance for everyone to freely express themselves next to these whistle-blowers that dared to reveal secrets that some would have never wanted to be revealed. A decision implying heavy consequences, that they are still paying for today.


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