Romania : in denial about extreme poverty


The Rapporteur pointed out that many Romanian officials right now are in a deep state of denial when it comes to acknowledging the extent of poverty and discrimination towards the most vulnerable groups in the country. The officials struggle to be accountable for the situation: “The spotlight has now been shone dramatically on denial, corruption, inadequate government services, and a lack of official accountability”.

Kenya : Consequences of Climate Changes on Human Rights


The Report made by Human Rights Watch claims that the combination of climate change and population growth is now an urgent treat to the people living in the Turkana region. As Joseph Amon, health and human rights Director at Human Rights Watch confessed, “Lake Turkana is in danger of disappearing, and the health and livelihood of the indigenous peoples of the region along with it.”

Central African Republic : Chaos haunts Bangui once again


The situation recently took a turn for the worst, with the killing of a Muslim motorcycle taxi driver, which initiated the recent chaos in Bangui and started to threaten the fragile peace process initiated since last year. Residents claimed that the body of the taxi driver was discovered near a mosque in Bangui. The man was mutilated and killed due to his religious beliefs.


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