At the Human Rights Council: Stressing the impact of climate change on the right to health


The impact of climate change on human rights
If climate change concerns all countries, it does not affect them equally but in fact enhances inequalities: the most vulnerable countries, which have less economic, social and political means at their disposal to take adaptation measures, are the ones that will get the most negative impacts.

Abortion recognized as a right by the UN Human Rights Committee but not in Zika infested's Latin American countries


The case dates back to 2001 when a 17-year-old Peruvian girl was pregnant and that doctors found out that the fetus had anencephaly which would cause fatal birth defect. Although abortion was permitted for medical reasons in Peru, the hospital refused pregnancy termination because the State had not provided clear regulations for providing the service. The teenage girl was forced to carry the pregnancy to full term and witnessed helpless her baby die four days after giving birth.

Kenya : Consequences of Climate Changes on Human Rights


The Report made by Human Rights Watch claims that the combination of climate change and population growth is now an urgent treat to the people living in the Turkana region. As Joseph Amon, health and human rights Director at Human Rights Watch confessed, “Lake Turkana is in danger of disappearing, and the health and livelihood of the indigenous peoples of the region along with it.”


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