Human Rights Council

Boko Haram Update by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein


Addressing the Council, Zeid said the situation in Nigeria was hopeful given that key areas of the country had been recovered by the government and that there had been improvements in immediate security as well as governance, and tackling root causes of the crisis such as socio-economic deprivation, discrimination, and poverty.

Human Rights violations in the face of terrorism


In her opening remarks, Ms Pansieri started by stressing the importance of reparation for victims of terrorism, saying that they need to be provided with equal access to justice and an effective remedy in order to benefit from adequate and prompt reparation for the harm suffered.

The Human Rights Council Fails to Condemn Iraqi Militias


Atrocities committed by the jihadist group known as ISIS (the Islamic State) have been denounced in a resolution on the Iraq conflict adopted by consensus at the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 27, 2015.


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