Indigenous People

Berta Cáceres’ murder and the perilous condition of environment activists in Honduras


Honduras is considered as the most violent nation on earth with approximately 104 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants, compared to an average of one murder per 100 000 people in Great-Britain. This exceptional situation severely impacts on the Honduran civil society. The latest advocate of indigenous rights for the Lenca people and defender of the environment who lost its life, was forty-four years old Berta Cáceres. 


Australia should regain its position as an international human rights leader


On February 8th, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Philip Ruddock, former immigration minister, will take the position of Australia’s first special envoy for human rights. The surprising decision is a part of the campaign started by Australia for a seat at the Human Rights Council. Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t have a clean slate in the field of human rights.

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