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50 years after the killings in Indonesia: victims are still waiting for justice


The Indonesian killings were the result of an anti-communist purge, following a failed coup attempted on 30 September 1965, in which an estimated 500’000 to 1 million people were killed. The purge was a major event in the annihilation of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) as a political force. The army as well as paramilitary groups, hunted down members of the PKI, which was blamed for the death of six army general on 30 September and 1 October.

Filipino children are risking their lives digging for gold


In the Philippines, many gold deposits can be found under water. This has led the implementation of a unique practice called ‘Small-scale gold mining’, which has developed in coastal areas along the shore as well as in swampy areas. Small-scale gold mining is defined under Philippine law as "mining with no machinery and a large workforce".

25-27 September: the Sustainable Development Summit


Over 100 heads of state are confirmed to attend the UN Sustainable Development Summit. They will be joined by leaders from civil society as well as religious groups and the private sector for the adoption of a universal sustainable development agenda, with the goal of ending poverty and promoting prosperity by 2030. 

2015: the target year for the MDGs


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